USGBC-LA Stands proudly with CA Leadership on Climate Agreement


USGBC-Los Angeles stands proudly together with Governor BrownMayor Garcetti, and the over 200 other Governors and Mayors across the country representing 54 million Americans who are committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement.

Although we strongly disagree with the President’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, USGBC-LA is more committed than ever in accelerating all aspects of sustainability, especially supporting green buildings and sustainable communities.  We will continue to lead the effort to help reduce carbon emissions, which are the leading cause of climate change. Indeed, as professionals working with the built environment, we recognize the amazing progress our movement has made so far and are inspired by the potential of a greener world for our children and their children.

USGBC-LA will always advocate for the standards set by the Paris Climate Agreement so that our Los Angeles community can continue to thrive.  And we will actively promote stronger collaboration among LA’s diverse communities so that key issues related to climate change result in outcomes that strengthen our communities.  Together, we can mobilize public opinion to support positive environmental thought leadership that tackles the challenges of climate change, while producing economic growth.

Today, Los Angeles is already a national leader in energy efficiency and green building construction.  Our city is a global hub of innovation and economic growth and we are committed to a thriving, sustainable and inclusive society.  We are confident that Los Angeles can demonstrate leadership by setting an example for other cities, thus helping to ensure a positive future for everyone.  We need to stand together as Angelenos, as Californians, as Americans for the future of our Earth and our children!

If you are not already involved with our chapter, we encourage you to become a USGBC-LA Member, or amplify your impact by asking a friend or co-worker to join as a new member ( If membership does not work for you at this time, you can still attend our award-winning events to learn more about the green building movement in Los Angeles (  Together we can still make the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement a reality!

The USGBC-LA Board of Directors and Dominique Hargreaves, Executive Director

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