The Sustainable Production for Entertainment Certification (SPEC)

Launching Summer 2024!

Much has been learned about the environmental impacts of producing entertainment; yet, a standardized approach and base of knowledge is needed to move the industry forward. Now, a sustainability certification is coming to the industry! USGBC California has partnered with industry and technical experts Green Spark Group and Ereth Environmental, along with a range of industry advisors across film, TV, music, and live sports to develop and pilot a Sustainable Production for Entertainment Certification (SPEC). This foundational certification is worker-centered for a wide range of individuals across the entertainment industry – from executives to operations crew, tentpole producers to music engineers, art directors to live event personnel, and many more. This is an industry-first and exciting opportunity to advance professional development!


Who is the SPEC for?

This foundational certification is for all who work in the entertainment industry value chain, including all positions, roles, responsibilities, and affiliations.


What will SPEC focus on?

This training applies cross-functionally as an industry standard, allowing learners to recognize the sustainable opportunities in their job function and in connection with other roles and responsibilities.


The Key Messages in the certification are:
  • Environmental impacts of entertainment are known; solutions are available in the marketplace now to reduce these impacts.
  • Sustainable, cost-effective strategies are available. 
  • Planning is critical and preferred with early decisions to institute sustainable actions.
  • Communication and leadership connects needs in and among departments, assigns regular duties, and holds the production accountable.
  • Professional associations will deepen your impact, understanding, and leadership in the industry.


We focus on:


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