Sustainable Innovation Awards Case Studies

Annual Sustainable Innovation Awards (SIA)

Annual Sustainable Innovation Awards (SIA)

The Annual Sustainable Innovation Awards (SIA) celebrate outstanding achievements in sustainability, innovation, and their positive influence on communities. The recipients of these awards have exhibited remarkable dedication to promoting sustainability in the construction industry. Unlike conventional rating systems, the SIAs assess sustainable strategies based on their merit, highlighting exceptional performance that goes beyond mere compliance. The SIAs are accessible to both completed and ongoing projects pursuing certification through any sustainability rating system.

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2021 Sustainable Innovation Awards Case Studies

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Earvin Magic Johnson Park

Located in Willowbrook in South Los Angeles, Earvin Magic Johnson Park is a social, cultural, and recreational activity hub for its underserved community. At 126 acres, it is the largest open space in South Los Angeles with a new community center, community social spaces, play areas, walking paths, picnic areas, outdoor classrooms, and even a wedding area. This park contributes to the health of the community by encouraging outdoor activity and improving the quality of life. It offers a safe area where families can spend time together. This project is an example of how green infrastructure can help to solve not only sustainability issues but also promote equity and environmental justice. The project is the first phase of a master plan to transform the 120-acre Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park into a high-performance model of sustainable park design for the 21st century. This restored park and new event center demonstrate resilience and social equity in the conversion of a brownfield site and renovated artificial lakes into a social, cultural, and recreation activity hub for the community of Willowbrook.

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Kilroy Portfolio

Kilroy Realty Corporation Full Service Portfolio won the first Portfolio of the Year Award category of the USGBC-CA’s 2021 Sustainable Innovation Awards. The achievements of Kilroy Realty have been highly impactful as a whole Portfolio, recognizing their commitment to sustainable assets through ratings, certifications, and Portfolio scores in Southern California. One of the West Coast’s premier property management companies, Kilroy’s stabilized portfolio totaled approximately 14.3 million square feet as of June 30, 2020. As soon as the Covid pandemic started, the company stepped up as leaders and innovators, registering into the International WELL Building Institute’s WELL Portfolio program and committed to Portfolio wide goal setting, benchmarking, Portfolio level WELL Health-Safety Ratings, WELL certifications, and WELL re-certifications. As part of this commitment to health, wellness, and safety, Kilroy Realty achieved 53 Health-Safety Ratings, making it a first in many categories. 25 Projects in Southern California, consisting of over 3.5M s.f., are part of those first achievements in the country and world.

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Billie Jean King Main Library

Positioned at the heart of Downtown Long Beach, the Billie Jean King Main Library connects the city’s past to its present while providing valuable municipal and community services. The building welcomes more than a thousand daily visitors and offers a variety of amenities and activities that foster community connection, learning, and creative collaboration. The Library is located adjacent to the new Lincoln Park; it was imagined as a pavilion within the Park, welcoming people from all parts of the city. From the early conceptual stages, the design team shared a vision of the new library and park as a place for the neighborhood to gather. The intent was to create a building not just to keep books, but a space alive with activity—a warehouse of knowledge and a unique community center.

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