Healthy Building Commitment

USGBC California created the Healthy Building Commitment (HBC) as an accessible and cost-effective framework for building owners, tenants, and residents, enabling them to offer healthy and resilient environments for living, working, and recreational activities.

Did you know?

  1. Indoor air quality can be 2-5 times worse than outdoor air quality.
  2. About 50% of illnesses that affect workforces are linked to workplace conditions.
  3. Employees who are satisfied with their work environment are 16% more productive, 18% more likely to stay in their job, and 30% more inclined to choose their company over competitors.


The 5 healthy building principles


USGBC California is dedicated to offering personalized assistance, exclusive cost savings, and access to educational materials to enhance the well-being of your home and workspace. The Healthy Building Commitment is applicable not only to commercial areas but also to home offices and residences.

Read an article published by gb&d Magazine for October 2020 on the Healthy Building Commitment.

Check out the results from a presentation on our Healthy Building Alliance project to collect air and water quality data and engage with building owners and residents across 10 multifamily properties in disadvantaged communities (DACs) in the Los Angeles region, funded in part by the CalEPA.

Occupant Health USGBCCA

Occupant Health Toolkit

USGBC California’s Five Principles of Healthy Buildings provide any building resident with a free framework for increasing occupant health and creating resilient spaces to live, work, and play.

You can also download the standalone Occupant Health Checklist enclosed in the toolkit to fill out at home.

Download the Toolkit

Occupant Health spa

Kit para la salud de los ocupantes

Los Cinco Principios de Edificios Saludables de USGBC California proporcionan a los residentes de edificios un marco para aumentar la salud de los ocupantes y crear espacios resilientes para vivir, trabajar y jugar.

También puede descargar la Lista de verificación de salud de los ocupantes independiente incluida en el kit de herramientas para completarla en casa.

¡Descarga el Kit!

When you register your workspace, whether it’s a corporate office or a home office, USGBC California will support your commitment to creating a healthier environment by:

  1. Facilitating connections with partner companies to secure reduced prices on indoor air quality sensors.
  2. Offering green cleaning plans and resources, which includes access to our Green Janitor Education Program (for corporate offices).
  3. Assisting you in evaluating and connecting you with resources to incorporate greenery or urban gardens into your space.
  4. Supplying fitness and activity guidelines for your occupants and/or linking you to resources related to active space design, fitness classes, and more.
  5. Conducting occupant surveys to assist in assessing occupants’ or employees’ preferences for their space, its impact on them, and how they value the workspace.


Learn how Buro Happold has implemented Healthy Building Alliance strategies in their Downtown LA office space.




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