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“By fostering the value and the necessity of sustainability to the youth, we are not only teaching sustainable solutions but are also building more mindful citizens for our future.”


The Green Schools program is committed to introducing sustainability education principles to students and educational institutions across our region, catering to various age groups. This mission is accomplished through workshops, volunteer initiatives, and micro-grants aimed at addressing the sustainability needs of school campuses.

Our Sustainability Fundamentals education sessions provide a comprehensive introduction to sustainability concepts for elementary and secondary school students. These 90-minute workshops are facilitated by experts from our network of sustainability professionals. They familiarize students with the goals, principles, and practical aspects of sustainability, covering a diverse range of topics. You can access a detailed curriculum overview here.

Subsequent to these workshops, each teacher receives an email containing an array of resources to support ongoing sustainability education in their classrooms. These resources include complimentary USGBC California memberships for students, teachers, and school staff, as well as free access to the USGBC Learning Lab. The Learning Lab offers more than 580 sustainability lessons suitable for all K-12 grade levels, spanning various subjects, and is available in both English and Spanish.

Since 2021, USGBC California has been actively conducting Sustainability Fundamentals workshops in schools across the greater Los Angeles region, positively impacting over 2,200 K-12 students.

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Fostering constructive dialogues with children about climate change and sustainability is important, and your help in broadening and diversifying our team of instructors is crucial. This will guarantee that every student is inspired and driven by these workshops!

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We also encourage you to explore the USGBC Learning Lab Website, where you’ll find valuable resources that are completely FREE for students, educators, and parents. These resources can be utilized for distance learning.

Our Green Schools Program has introduced engaging and interactive hands-on kits that facilitate experiential learning, building upon the concepts covered in our sustainability fundamentals workshop.

These project kits are crafted to encourage student-centered activities. Students are prompted to apply their creativity and the insights gained from the workshops to envision ecosystems, craft art using upcycled materials, and devise urban design plans. For more details about these kits, please continue reading below!



Elementary School

Recycled Terrarium

Students can observe the concepts of the greenhouse effect to better understand climate change on a global scale. This project demonstrates the water cycle, nutrient cycle, and other earth systems. Seeds planted in the up-cycled terrarium will sprout within 2 weeks!


Middle School:

Urban Planning Think Green

What does your ideal sustainable urban neighborhood look like? Students begin applying skills and knowledge they have learned through the curriculum to become city planners. Envisioning their ideal urban environment, students apply sustainable design practices to build a 3D city model using up-cycled materials.


High School:

Urban Greening Think Vertical

Students work as a team to develop a vertical planter that uses either gravity or a water pump to move water through their design. This STEAM-focused project encourages creative thinking, collaboration with peers, and sustainability. Made from up-cycled materials students understand the practicality of urban greening and building local food systems.

Interested in contributing to the sustainability of your child’s school? Consider applying for a $2,000 Micro Grant!

Each year, the USGBC California Green Schools Committee invites applications for micro-grants to support green school projects during the school year. Past successful projects have encompassed a range of initiatives, including:

  • Planting trees
  • Expanding or creating gardens
  • Installing green walls
  • Painting murals
  • Implementing dishwashers to reduce disposable dishware usage
  • Providing in-classroom education
  • Conducting air quality testing
  • Carrying out audits on energy, water, and waste

Your school could be the next beneficiary of these grants! Applications for the Green Schools Committee Mini Grant will open again in the fall of 2024.

This year’s Mini Grant recipient is Dorris Place Elementary School Pollinator Garden! Dorris Place will be converting an area adjacent to their playground into a California Native pollinator garden. Students will enjoy the garden during play time and interact with the garden during science classes. Contact our Education Programs Manager, Elizabeth Christy for volunteer opportunities.


Sustainability Fundamentals

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Green Schools: Secondary II
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