Green Janitor Education

The Green Janitor Education Program (GJEP) addresses the increasing sustainability and health requirements of commercial businesses and campuses. This program offers benefits to property owners, custodial staff, and occupants, all while ensuring adherence to environmentally-friendly cleaning protocols.

The GJEP curriculum, which is also accessible in Spanish, is centered on improving building operations and maintenance procedures. It emphasizes the following key areas:

  1. Green performance standards
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Waste management
  4. Water conservation
  5. Green cleaning practices

Participants who successfully complete the GJEP program earn accreditation in green building cleaning practices, enabling them to meet the latest sustainable and health-related building standards.

  • Approximately 76% of buildings that have undergone GJEP training tend to experience reduced energy and water consumption.
  • Buildings staffed by GJEP-accredited individuals, on average, consume 5.6% less energy compared to those without GJEP accreditation.

  • Energy and water savings that are substantiated and come with the potential to earn a LEED point usually do not entail extra expenses for building owners.
  • Utilizing green cleaning products can lead to enhanced indoor air quality, ultimately reducing employee sick days and boosting worker productivity.

  • Findings showed that janitors who took part in the program exhibited favorable shifts in conservation behaviors, both within their workplace and in their personal lives at home.

GJEP Impact Report

To gain a deeper understanding of GJEP, delve into our Impact Report produced by SEED Consulting Group.

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Also available in Spanish*

  • Intro to Building Sustainability
  • Green Cleaning
  • Energy Conservation
  • Recycling + Waste Diversion
  • Janitor Health + Safety
  • Water Conservation
  • Review + Testing

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“[Janitors] are a part of who we are as a company and engaging them on sustainability is part of what we do…we have to improve our buildings in order to meet our climate goals and engaging our janitors is a critical piece of the puzzle.”

                — Sara Neff, VP of Sustainability, Kilroy Realty


“The Program fits perfectly, representing the three legs of sustainability: environment, equity, and economy. The janitors are really the front line of creating a sustainable LA…they are walking our talk.”

                — Matt Petersen, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Los Angeles

Download the brochure

Download the brochure

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The GJEP curriculum is designed in collaboration with USGBC California, Building Skills Partnership (BSP), the Building Owners and Managers Association Greater Los Angeles (BOMA-GLA), industry experts, building owners, and the janitor’s union (SEIU-United Service Workers West). The program is currently available in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Colorado, and Texas.

We partner with janitorial employers, property management companies, and responsible business owners in commercial properties, tech, and entertainment industries.



"Is My Office Building Safe?"

“Is My Office Building Safe: Are Janitors Saving Your Life?” David Nazar highlights GJEP in this video

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