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Green Homes California takes a holistic approach to greening single-family and multi-family housing in lower-income communities. Whether you are an owner, tenant, property manager, or community resident, we have the resources to help you plan, fund, and execute projects to lower utility costs and improve occupant health while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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By installing at least one of the following:

  • EV charging stations
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Heat pump HVAC equipment
  • Induction cooktops
  • Green technology pilot opportunities

Each property will receive:

  • A whole building assessment 
  • Resident engagement in English and Spanish
  • Enrollment assistance with utility programs and rebates


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Explore our Menu of Efficiency & Electrification for guidance on optimizing operations and decarbonizing your multifamily building. Three pathways offer project ideas for owners and managers to reduce costs and maximize investments through available rebates and incentive programs.

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Privately-owned buildings in the City of Los Angeles, with an area exceeding 20,000 square feet, must comply with the Existing Buildings Energy and Water Efficiency (EBEWE) Ordinance.

This interactive map by Dynamhex predicts sources of greenhouse gas emissions within a building portfolio and identifies the most effective upgrades for reducing emissions and operational costs.

Save money on utility costs with low-to-no-cost tips while also creating healthier living spaces. Both tenants and homeowners will find some great advice here!

Ahorra dinero en facturas, con tips para acciones de bajo costo o sin costo mientras haces tu espacio más saludable.¡Propietarios e inquilinos encontrarán buenos consejos aquí!

YellowTin is a free resource provided by USGBC California to help you save energy and water and also reduce emissions from your household. Any tenant or owner can enter their home address, create reports and plans to save energy, water, reduce emissions, and more. This is a free resource provided by USGBC California!

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YellowTin es una herramienta gratuita de USGBC California para ayudarte a ahorrar energía y agua, y reducir emisiones en tu hogar. Cualquier inquilino o propietario puede ingresar la dirección de su casa y crear informes y planes para empezar a ahorrar.

Incentivize offers our community a free, user-friendly tool that calculates federal, state, local, and utility programs available to your household to purchase a new or used electric vehicle and charger of your choice.

USGBC California’s Five Principles of Healthy Buildings provide any building resident with a framework for increasing occupant health and creating resilient spaces to live, work, and play.

USGBC California’s Five Principles of Healthy Buildings provide any building resident with a framework for increasing occupant health and creating resilient spaces to live, work, and play.

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Los Cinco Principios de Edificios Saludables de USGBC California proporcionan a los residentes de edificios un marco para aumentar la salud de los ocupantes y crear espacios resilientes para vivir, trabajar y jugar.

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QuitCarbon is a tool to help you upgrade your home for reduced carbon emissions, lower utility bills, and improved safety and comfort by connecting you with vetted local contractors.

* If you use this link to sign up or mention USGBC California during the process, we may receive a commission to directly support our programs!

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Resources for Residents


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Calling manufacturers and vendors to showcase their sustainable products!

USGBC California (USGBC-CA) has launched the BuildSmart Trailer Tour, a first-of-its-kind education initiative that provides a mobile, hands-on experience for community members to engage with innovative technologies, sustainable building materials, and energy-saving programs. In addition to showcasing over 40 green building materials and energy efficiency solutions, the BuildSMART Trailer emphasizes the importance of awareness and accessibility to resources in communities disproportionately affected by climate change.

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