Green Business Certification Program

USGBC California has partnered with the City of Los Angeles to assist in enhancing your business’s efficiency, promoting health, and attracting new customers! Through the City of Los Angeles Green Business Certification Program, your business can receive valuable support in the form of tools and resources designed to reduce utility costs, preserve natural resources, and cultivate a healthy workplace environment. Additionally, you’ll gain entry into a network of like-minded companies dedicated to finding solutions for addressing climate change.


As an integral component of the broader California Green Business Network, this initiative has made a positive impact on our local communities by achieving the following outcomes:

  • Mitigating more than 400,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Diverting 100,000 metric tons of waste away from landfills.
  • Conserving 742 million gallons of water.
  • Safely eliminating over 20,000 gallons of hazardous waste.
  • Delivering significant utility bill savings amounting to $18 million.


This program is designed to offer assistance and guidance to your business across various key areas, including:

  • Enhancing energy efficiency, lighting, and equipment management.
  • Implementing effective solid waste management, resource conservation, and procurement strategies.
  • Promoting water conservation and improving efficiency.
  • Preventing pollution through sustainable practices.
  • Streamlining transportation for greater efficiency.
  • Fostering a company culture centered around sustainability.
  • Gaining visibility through inclusion in the California Green Business Network directory.
  • The potential for featured highlights on social media platforms.
  • A $500 rebate to facilitate the completion of specific measures.
  • Accessing additional rebates, including those offered by local utility providers.
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  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. A coordinator will follow up to develop a timeline and begin the assessment measures.
  3. With our assistance, plus resources and funding provided by partners, we will help you achieve the program’s measures.
  4. Complete all of the required measures and become A Certified LA Green Business! You will receive a certificate from the City of Los Angeles and you will be listed on the public directory of green businesses. 

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  1. Public Direct Install Program
  2. Commercial Building Energy Solutions & Technologies (C-BEST) Program
    • Small and medium businesses.
    • Grocery and convenience stores energy-efficiency solutions and incentives.
    • Hospitality energy-efficiency solutions and incentives.
    • Restaurants energy-efficiency solutions and incentives.
  3. Small Business Savings Program
  4. Agriculture Energy Efficiency Program
    • Controlled environment agriculture energy efficiency solutions and incentives
    • Dairy animal production energy efficiency solutions and incentives
    • Non-dairy animal production energy efficiency solutions and incentive
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