Clean Construction

Today there are many ways we can take action to reduce the pollution associated with construction activities which account for a significant portion of the 42% of global emissions from the built environment. In partnership with leaders across California from municipalities, the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, real estate organizations, and more, USGBC California has established a Clean Construction program to lead advocacy, impact, and action for clean construction across California and beyond.

Collectively, this program will help reduce the environmental footprint of construction activities by increasing awareness and accessibility to clean construction strategies, technologies, resources, training, and more. Working together, we can help transform clean construction into a tangible reality, continue to position California as a sustainability leader, and most importantly help create healthier, more resilient communities across California for all. We invite stakeholders and local constituents to compound our efforts, and also welcome you to join the existing Clean Construction Committee.

  • Leading roundtables, advocacy, and resource development to advance low and ultra-low carbon materials, nature-based solutions, and locally manufactured materials. 
  • Help accelerate interior design with low-carbon materials. 
  • Support implementation of Buy Clean CA – EPD-based procurement for carbon steel rebar, flat glass, mineral wool board insulation, and structural steel.
  • Database of EPDs from local manufacturers.

  • Raise awareness on the use case benefits, showcase the evolution in equipment productivity, and offer a platform for stakeholders to connect and seek out solutions.
  • Help remove any barriers around temporary power and charging infrastructure.
  • Creation of the Zero Emission Equipment Database (ZEED)
  • Are you an equipment manufacturer or service provider? Submit your equipment to the database!

  • Provide support and resources for adaptive reuse, conversions, and repositioning.
  • C&D Waste – best practices and case studies around zero waste and near zero waste generation.
  • Acceleration of circular strategies across the supply chain and throughout design, construction, and end-of-life.
  • Resources for design for disassembly and design for deconstruction. 
  • Do you have a project scheduled for demolition? Partner with a cohort of motivated stakeholders to assess your building’s capacity for disassembly and deconstruction.

  • Building decarbonization & refrigerant management.
  • Prefab, modular construction, and mass timber.
  • Commercial water reuse
  • Onsite organics recycling
  • Net Zero Accelerator companies and solutions.

We’re an entrepreneurial team looking to create positive change and we are looking for strategic partners looking for scaled impact. Some of the ways we work with partners in clean construction: 

  • Access clean construction best practices, incentives, and resources to accelerate your progress.
  • Showcase your successes and lessons learned through case studies, project tours, roundtables, and events. 
  • Learn about and pilot innovative building technologies and materials through our Net Zero Accelerator, innovation showcases, design charrettes, or pilot project support. 
  • Connect with peers who are driving clean construction forward within their companies and communities. 
  • Do you manufacture or provide zero-emission equipment? Submit your equipment to the database!

Do you have a project scheduled for demolition? Partner with a cohort of motivated stakeholders to assess your building’s capacity for deconstruction and disassembly.

This is a unique chance to join a cohort of visionaries shaping the construction industry’s future and we need your engagement, time, and support as we launch new initiatives around: 

  • Decreased emissions, air and noise pollution, as well as reduced operational expenses at local construction sites.
  • Training and workforce development content.
  • Database of EPDs from local manufacturers.
  • Online marketplace for a circular built environment.

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This is our Electrified Construction Coalition flyer (2023) prior to broadening our scope to Clean Construction. We will update it soon, but sharing here as its content remains central to our mission and program offerings.

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