Local Building Carbon Emissions Tracking Tool

Welcome to Dynamhex!

Welcome to Dynamhex!

USGBC California is providing address-level Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventory estimates, by partnering with the Dynamhex Platform as part of the Green Affordable Housing Program (GAHP).

Dynamhex is a community-centric, digital platform for climate action that provides insights into carbon reduction methods all in a single sleek map interface. This tool has the capability of analyzing multifamily housing buildings across 19 zip codes in the Eastern San Fernando Valley and will help reduce greenhouse gases by empowering citizens, businesses, utilities, and governments.

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Dynamhex allows users to analyze the multifamily buildings located within the GAHP eligible zip codes in order to:



By using Dynamhex, you can quickly understand your carbon footprint and learn of steps to help you achieve decarbonization in lockstep with your city, power provider, and community members.


If you are located in the Eastern San Fernando Valley, try out the tool and learn more about your building’s carbon footprint and the actions you can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and utility costs today!

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