Extreme Heat Certification

Empowering California’s Workforce for Climate Adaptation and Mitigation


As one of the most climate-stressed places in the world, California experiences profound and varied impacts across its vast expanse. Preparing for climate change requires learning how to adapt in the face of this change to increase the resilience of communities, natural systems, and our built environment to withstand and recover from climate-related disruptions. Climate adaptation and resilience are related, but distinct concepts. Generally, climate adaptation is an action or set of actions that reduce physical climate risk which builds climate-resilient communities. 

This training will provide climate benefits by teaching those who work directly with residents, homeowners, property managers, and building owners to understand climate-resilient options to make buildings more resilient to the increasingly costly effects of climate change. This will help California achieve a carbon-neutral economy and workers will be at the center of this effort. 

The foundation of this content will be based on communicating to industry professionals what the short and long-term impacts of extreme heat are on worker and community health, with strategic solutions on how to mitigate those impacts. Lastly, it will address climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience by training contractors to adopt best practices for home improvements to reduce the impacts of extreme heat.

This 2.5-hour course will be available quarterly in English and Spanish. Topics include an introduction to climate resilience in the built environment, worker health and safety, building retrofits and passive cooling strategies, landscape solutions for reducing heat impacts, and more! To receive certification you will need to participate in the virtual class and then pass the exam. Each participant will receive a copy of the slide presentation and have 2 weeks to complete the exam. Certifications will be issued to those with a passing score of 80% or higher.

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Once you receive your certificate of completion please upload a profile into our Professional Directory where you can display your badge of completion. Our Professional Directory is a great way to connect with potential employers and future climate resilience projects. 



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