USGBC-LA Thought Leadership Series: Green Homes Part One (Single-Family)

October 20, 2022

4:00 pm

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USGBC-LA Thought Leadership Series: Green Homes Part One (Single-Family)

Join USGBC-LA for the first part of our Thought Leadership Series on: Green Homes!


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About this event

Join us and industry-leading experts on sustainability for the first part of a two-part series to discuss how we best green the places where we live, and engage the tenant population. This is about health and resiliency, but ultimately how our homes and shared spaces evolve to better protect us in the face of climate change. We will discuss best practices, materials, affordability, and how to create long-term value for a property. From our record drought to an increasing number of high heat days and wildfire risk, our expert designers, builders, realtors, and more will discuss how LA can lead in building the green homes of the future.


Networking Breakout session topics will include:

  • Interior Design
  • Native Landscaping & Pollinators
  • Solar and Energy Storage
  • Induction Cooking / Heatpumps
  • Policy
  • Water Conservation
  • Wildfire Defense
  • Occupant Health (Air Quality/Materials)

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Lloyd Alter

Lloyd has been an architect, real estate developer, and prefab entrepreneur. He now teaches Sustainable Design at Ryerson School of Interior Design.

Alter has been writing for Treehugger since 2005 about architecture, design, transportation, and planning. He is a design editor and was previously managing editor. He has written for MNN since 2015. He has contributed to The Guardian, Corporate Knights Magazine, Azure Magazine, Architectural Record, and Greensource.

He has been a regular speaker or moderator at Passive House conferences in Seattle, Vancouver, New York City, Boston, Vienna, and Munich. He Has also spoken about green building in Vancouver, Toronto, and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Prior to writing, Alter was a promoter of tiny homes and prefabricated housing, lecturing on prefab at conferences in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin, Texas. He has worked as a real estate developer, building condominiums in Toronto, Canada, and as an architect.

Alter was Chairman of the Toronto Society of Architects, Vice President of the Ontario Association of Architects, and President of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario.


The Green Homes Committee Provides a dynamic platform for exchange, engagement, and alignment to encourage healthy, sustainable, affordable, and regenerative practices in home building and living. The committee aims to address the inequities of access to information, resources, and technology by working to advance and diversify the awareness, knowledge, and innovation in greening homes through education, training, and outreach.



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