Code Breaker: Single Family All Electric & Zero Net Carbon Design

April 14, 2023

12:00 pm


Code Breaker: Single Family All Electric & Zero Net Carbon Design

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About this event

The 2022 Energy Code marks significant changes for Residential occupancies, including new Mandatory and Prescriptive measures that pave the way for future single-family all-electric residences and zero net carbon design (ZNCD). Join us for this one-hour presentation where we review the all-electric preparation requirements of the Energy Code (Title 24, Part 6, the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards), associated solar photovoltaic (PV) exemptions, requirements for heat pump space heating and domestic hot water, and battery-ready electrical panel configuration, as well as how all-electric homes relate to ZNCD.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe how Residential occupancy classifications have been reorganized in the 2022 Energy Code
  2. Discuss updates to the 2022 Energy Code that set the stage for future all-electric single-family residences, including Mandatory requirements and Prescriptive requirements involving heat pump space heating and domestic hot water
  3. Recognize when solar photovoltaic and battery systems are required in single-family homes.
  4. Explain how “all-electric” is a necessary, but not necessarily sufficient, requirement for achieving zero net carbon design, or ZNCD.
  5. Given examples of alternative design options for a single-family home, identify which, if any, of the options achieve ZNCD.
  6. Identify online resources for more guidance on these topics.

Location: Online

Note: This course can qualify for Zero Net Carbon CEUs required of all architects for biannual re-licensure. After completion of the training, a reporting template for interested attendees can be provided upon request.



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Meet the Presenter


Gina Rodda


Gina Griffiths Rodda is currently the Owner of Gabel Energy out of Castro Valley, California, and has been in the energy modeling field since 1991. She is an energy analyst performing a wide range of responsibilities in both residential and nonresidential construction pertaining to compliance standards and energy modeling within the United States while specializing in the California Building Code.

California local ordinances (or Reach codes) supporting electrification and electric preferred for multifamily, hotel/motel, and nonresidential buildings dictate much of the work Gabel Energy provides in Northern California in which Gabel Energy has been an active leader in heat pump mechanical equipment design choices as supported by the Energy Code and compliance software modeling.

Gina has worked with Energy Code Ace as a subject matter expert developing and supporting trainings, resources and tools on the Residential and Nonresidential Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for building department staff, energy consultants, engineers, contractors and architects.

Gina also works as a respected subject matter expert informing the statewide code development process since the 2013 Building Code cycle.


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