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We believe that buildings should be developed with people’s health and wellness at the center of design. The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is leading the movement to promote health and wellness in buildings and communities everywhere. IWBI delivers the cutting-edge WELL Building StandardTM, and a professional suite of tools to empower our global community […]
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The International WELL Building InstituteTM (IWBI) is a public benefit corporation whose mission is to improve human health and wellbeing through the built environment. Public benefit corporations like IWBI are an emerging U.S. structure for corporations committed to balancing public benefits with profitability – harnessing the power of private capital for greater good. IWBI administers the WELL Building StandardTM (WELL) – a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of buildings that impact the health and wellbeing of the people who live, work, and learn in them. Fulfilling the vision of IWBI Founder Paul Scialla, IWBI has a pioneering altruistic capitalism model that will address social responsibility and demonstrate a sustainable model for philanthropy. IWBI has committed to direct 51 percent of net profits received from WELL Certification project fees toward charitable contributions and impact investment focused on health, wellness, and the built environment. IWBI was established by Delos in 2013 pursuant to a Clinton Global Initiative commitment to improve the way people live by developing spaces that enhance occupant health and quality of life by sharing the WELL Building Standard globally.

IWBI has a very close-knit, transparent, and communicative culture that values the input of every employee. IWBI has instituted a healthy sleep policy which encourages healthy sleeping patterns and practices for all staff. All employees are urged to cease work activities and communications at a healthy hour each day, further implementing the restorative work life balance that IWBI champions. IWBI has a robust benefits offering which incorporates complete health insurance, generous paid leave, parental leave, child care subsidies, a yearly remote month and a dog-friendly WELL certified office with a wellness/lactation room and a never-ending supply of snacks. IWBI is proud that the employees come first within the organization. IWBI is an equal opportunity employer and promotes a culturally diverse professional environment. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a major priority for IWBI. Thus, the organization offers their staff many education based training sessions in an effort to create a safe, tolerant and professionally equitable space for all employees. The IWBI managers and leadership are very receptive to feedback and innovative thought. There is a lot of upward mobility for eager, proactive employees at IWBI. The organization is a home to many individuals that care deeply about their work and their clients.

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