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FormLA® Landscaping believes authentic beauty can save LA. So we are bringing it! During our more than 25 years in business, our team has added more than 2 million square feet of authentic, native habitat to Los Angeles, ranging from Tujunga to Playa Del Rey, western Malibu to the San Marina foothills.

As a result of removing more than 250,000 square feet of thirsty turf grass, each year we save LA:

+ Well over 10 million gallons of water

+ More than 2400 lbs of toxic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides that would otherwise pollute our watershed and air
+ Air pollution equivalent to taking tens of Ford F-150 Raptors off the road

+ Extreme heat as trees establish and reduce surrounding temperatures by as much 20 degrees

+ Approximately $700,000 a year in collective lawn care expenses

We take pride in creating beauty reflective of LA’s creativity, authenticity and diversity, and in the knowledge this beauty supports LA’s long term resilience.


We believe you and Los Angeles deserve our best. Whether we are creating a smart LEED® landscape design, impeccably crafting hardscapes with sustainable practices and locally sourced materials, or ensuring your landscape thrives long term, we know We Save LA.™

In providing beautiful, architecturally significant landscapes, we are:

+ Supporting the health of all who use the space,

+ Enhancing LA’s independence from external water sources,

+ Facilitating neighborhood cohesion and safety,

+ Reducing fire, flood and slide risks,

+ Lessening our communal tax burden, and

+ Protecting our oceans, wild lands and water sources.


Owners Kirk and Cassy Aoyagi founded FormLA Landscaping in 1997 as C&K Landscape Design, Inc. After 12 years creating noteworthy landscapes throughout Los Angeles County, we adopted the name FormLA Landscaping to better reflect our growing team, commitment to sustainability, and the depth of our expertise.

We’ve been listed among Los Angeles Business Journal’s most influential family-owned businesses, and we are the first and only California Air Quality Board Zero-Emission Landscaper serving all of LA County.

At FormLA Landscaping, many of our design+build and maintenance team members have been with us throughout our more than 20 years in business. We know it is our team-based decision making, growth orientation, work-life balance and supports, and sense of purpose that inspires our team to stay together.

The thing our team members appreciate most is the ability for all to contribute to daily operations and the direction of the business. The needs, interests and insights of each team member is deeply valued and operationalized. Designers know that it takes skilled installation and maintenance to bring their visions to life. Maintenance professionals know a well-built and designed space is easier to maintain.

While a boutique firm, we offer the opportunity for perpetual learning and growth. Our teams receive ongoing training in topics from the latest in sustainable construction practices to leadership and communication skills. Our full service, team driven approach also sparks continual learning. Each of our team members comes to understand the full scope of work it takes to bring a beautiful landscape to fruition and ensure it thrives long term.

While uncommon in our field, we work Monday through Friday and close to 8-hour days. We provide healthcare and retirement programs. We also provide tools, equipment, and PPE, as we believe everyone should have what they need to safely and happily bring their best to the work.

Our distinctive approach to sustainable landscaping means we draw team members with a sense of mission and purpose. We know when it comes to air quality, habitat conservation and expansion, Angeleno health, fire risk reduction, and water independence, We Save LA.™ Our success in tackling such a big dream fuels our optimistic, proactive culture.

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