Elite Talent LLC

  • Website: https://www.elitetalent.solutions
  • Email: info@tonyafairley.com
  • Company Size: 3
  • Industry: Education & Training
  • Locations: California

Elite Talent LLC is a Recruiting and Training agency. We specialize in connecting exceptional candidates with unique, often overlooked job opportunities focused in the sustainability and renewable space ensuring a perfect fit for both employees and employers. Elite Talent LLC offers a unique approach to training for those companies who aren’t ready to bring on a team, but need the staff development.

At Elite Talent, our culture is built on the foundation of connecting potential with opportunity. We pride ourselves on being a premier recruiting and training agency where exceptional candidates meet unique and often overlooked job opportunities. Our ethos is centered around ensuring a perfect fit for both employers and employees, creating harmonious and productive work environments.
At Elite Talent, our culture is not just about the work we do; it’s about creating a supportive, vibrant, diverse community where everyone can thrive. We are more than a recruiting and training agency; we are a family dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those we work with.

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