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  • Company Size: 70
  • Industry: Engineering, Construction, Sustainability, Technology & Manufacturing
  • Locations: Culver City, CA

Chargie is a leading provider of intelligent, intuitive, and reliable electric vehicle charging solutions for modern commercial buildings, multifamily communities, and the growing number of EV drivers. We design, install, manage, and operate leading-edge charging infrastructure around the country for residential properties, office buildings, retail locations, government agencies, fleets, healthcare facilities, transportation hubs, and more. Learn more at

We are committed to looking past the boundaries of education and into the heart of a person’s unique experience and untapped potential.

From our business core of making electric vehicle chargers accessible to all to a future of sustainable energy and reduced carbon footprint, we understand that what we do will positively impact the environment for generations to come.

Employee health includes mental and emotional well-being. We are committed to ensuring everyone has the right work-life balance for optimal health and enjoyment of life.

Chargie’s growth has been and will continue to be a collaborative effort made possible by our diverse employee base. We are committed to fostering and enabling an inclusive environment where everyone is honored for who they are and feels safe to express themselves.

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