Sustainability has been coined as the triple bottom line (Equity, Earth, and Economy). We have seen our industry move forward with many regulations around Earth and the economy. This includes AB32 in 2005, CalGreen in 2010, and so on. Our state is a leader, it has created many prescriptive mandates and grants to ensure sustainability […]
We stand in solidarity with the Black community and with all of those who are seeking justice in the name of George Floyd, and so many others. Our hearts and thoughts are with all those in pain right now. USGBC-LA remains committed to creating a more sustainable society, with the knowledge that it is simply […]
Cities are one of the most powerful tools we have to shift from an extractive to a regenerative way of life. Realigning cities with their geography, climate, and ecosystems can reconnect us physically and mentally to the natural world. Policies and practices built on equity and inclusion strengthens the social fabric of cities and fosters […]
We’re excited to announce that the nominations period for candidates to apply for the USGBC-LA Board of Directors is now open! We are seeking multiple board members for the three-year term of 2020-2023. Nominees may be self-nominated or nominated by another USGBC-LA member. Nominees must be current USGBC-LA members (please confirm membership status here).   Timeline […]
Now that so many of us are required to work remotely and stay home more than we are used to, we are generating more waste and our overflowing recycling bins and garbage toters are a visible sign that it is time to consider Circularity. What is this concept of Circularity? Circularity – short for “the […]
When we get through the current crisis, we still have climate change to deal with, and hopefully a lot of lessons learned about the need to better prepare for what we know is coming.  Recently, once the dust had settled after the February 21 deadline for the introduction of new legislation this year – the […]
    To Our USGBC-LA Community,   First of all, we wish you and your families all the best during this unprecedented moment in modern history. The COVID-19 pandemic is working its way through our social and economic fabric and those impacts will have repercussions for all of us, not only today but in the months […]
Where does your building start and where does your building end? This question has been coming up more and more for me as we engage more deeply in issues around mobility (people moving between buildings), air quality (air, particulate matter, and more moving in and out of buildings), and materials (where do they come from […]
With a wave of activism around the larger social impact of green building materials and new research into their life cycle performance, it’s no longer enough for a building to be net-zero, solar-powered, or utilize non-potable water. The raw materials and products used to construct green buildings also have to be sustainable from both an […]
Let’s face it. The appeal of urban living is easy to understand. Here in LA, we have access to some of the world’s best restaurants, museums, shopping, and attractions that people from all over the world flock to see. We are a hub for commerce and culture. No wonder so many millennials are willing to […]
[This article was written by Salem Afeworki (bio below), in collaboration with Susanne Kurowski — Research associate, Professorship for Innovation and Technology Management at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. She is passionate about innovation and technologies that assist us in accomplishing the SDGs. Her research analyses entrepreneurial ecosystems for sustainable innovation in the cleantech […]
For me, the events of recent weeks have been inspiring and brought back this feeling in my chest I used to know so well. No, it’s not just the hints of Fall in the air or that I stopped at Philippe’s for lunch recently. It’s that maybe, just maybe, we are starting to see some […]

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