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Join California's most rewarding corporate philanthropy program!

Join California's most rewarding corporate philanthropy program!

USGBC California offers organizations a distinctive chance to align themselves with the organization’s commitment to fostering a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable California by enhancing community sustainability efforts. Sponsors of USGBC California acknowledge the organization’s pivotal role in advocating for regional sustainability, driving innovation, and providing education to empower the workforce and inspire the next generation.

By becoming one of our corporate leaders, your investment in USGBC California not only advances our mission but also brings advantages to your company, its executives, and employees.


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USGBC California deeply appreciates the invaluable support from our Annual Sponsors. In partnership with these sponsors, we organize nearly 200 events and programs annually, attracting a combined total of almost 15,000 attendees.

Our sponsors play a pivotal role in reshaping the construction sector and influencing the future of green schools, workplaces, and communities in California.

Collaboratively, we strive to create a more sustainable California for all.

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California Green Building Conference 2024

Signature Event

California Green Building Conference 2024

Signature Event

Join us at the 2024 California Green Building Conference, where inspiration fuels action and innovation shines. Last year, we saw a whirlwind of insights shared by thought leaders, professionals, educators, and passionate individuals like you. From electrified construction gear to sustainable solutions, the event brimmed with possibilities.

Yet, what truly stood out was the camaraderie among our green building community. We formed bonds, made friends, and fostered collaborations pivotal to our climate efforts. As we approach 2024, let’s carry this energy forward. Together, we’ll advance toward a more sustainable future.

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