5 Reasons Not to Join USGBC-LA at the Net Zero 2023 Conference

Hello there! I know it feels like this year has yet to figure out who it really is and that summer sort of came in one door and headed right out the other, but all is not lost! We still have plenty of 2023 left to make some good ol’ fashioned green building community noise – and more importantly, impact – together. But whatever you do to kick off the busy Fall season, there are five solid reasons why you should not do it at the 10th anniversary of the Net Zero 2023 Conference in DTLA this year:

  • You don’t want to learn about innovative new building technologies from our Net Zero Accelerator during our 3:30pm session on September 14th, or experience them first hand as part of the breadth & depth of the expo floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
  • You hate networking with the typically super-driven and genuinely nice people of the green building community.
  • You already know everything and couldn’t possibly learn things from other people leading sessions around nature-based design, occupant health, equity, new policies & trends, building a roadmap to net zero, and more.
  • It doesn’t sound fun to you to play slightly competitive minigolf with other sustainability leaders while eating tasty tacos, drinking cold beer, and chilling to the sweet sounds of the mystery DJ at our annual MiniGolf Tournament fundraising for environmental justice projects.
  • It simply doesn’t make sense to you to visit such a one-dimensional city as Los Angeles while supporting an event that features content presented by international experts on ESG, resilience, health & wellness, sustainable materials, personal care and fashion, food & beverage, while taking its own sustainability goals seriously.

So the bottom line is, we get it. You’ve got it covered and you don’t need us or the innovative, people-focused, collaborative approach it is going to take to slow the roll of climate change. Whether we don’t see you here or we don’t see you at Greenbuild later in the month (especially at our Happy Hour), we know you are getting the real work done, we wish you well, and hope to see you soon!

But wait! If we are wrong, and that does happen very occasionally, NZ23 does welcome your registration at https://netzeroconference.com/register/The main conference is on September 14th at the LA Convention Center with shoulder events around the City on September 13th.

(posted 8/28/23)

About the Author

Ben Stapleton is the Executive Director of the U.S. Green Building Council-Los Angeles (USGBC-LA). Ben is a recognized sustainability leader who brings a creative mind and consultative approach to a wide range of projects with a focus on building teams and designing programs to deliver impactful results.

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